the “love outdoor” traditional Artist


the digital Artist
“I’m a nerd, so what?”


the “I’ll turn all my art into merch for sale.”


the helper – Koma’s manager/dictionary

Lin and Dot – the beginning

Since the early days of Color Fiesta, the Mascots have been coming along with us – Lin and Dot. The two present for the image of young artist, the traditional and the digital.

In the form of Dog and Cat which have always been the cheer up fluffy friends of many young people, especially the artists, Lin and Dot have soon received much love from Color Fiesta’s fans and become inspired icon for the Event’s theme every season.

The very first design of Lin and Dot started with their name, which simply formed by a symbol – and . the Link and the Dot which is the symbol of connection and conclusion.

Lin and Dot Official Debut version