• For Cosplayer

  1. Do not encroach, take photos around the booth area and areas where photography is prohibited.
  2. Limit carrying bulky and oversized accessories (>1m). Color Fiesta Organizers have the right to refuse to participate or confiscate accessories if the owner acts to obstruct circulation, encroach on the booth area, or common area in the event premises.
  3. Weapons, imitations of real weapons, smoke or explosives, with sharp edges or sharp corners, that could cause injury to others are strictly prohibited in the event.
  4. Do not perform poses, create offensive postures, expressions, or act inappropriately with the law & fine customs of Vietnam.
  5. It is forbidden to cosplay with revealing, sensitive costumes, activities that are objectionable, affect the culture, fine customs or traditions or related to religion, military, or politics of countries.
  6. It is forbidden to cosplay costumes that simulate military uniforms, costumes depicting the military, or costumes which are likely to cause disturbances to the event.